Since 2003, the World Forum for FDI has been providing inspiration straight from the most successful leaders and visionaries in the industry, giving attendees the opportunity to receive practical training from FDI experts, and bringing together expanding companies, IPA’s and service providers from across the globe to network and forge long-lasting relationships. Business leaders, chief executives and decision-makers come to hear and discuss the latest news and trends on corporate investment strategy and expansion opportunities. Business and government leaders from more than 87 countries have attended this event in its unmatched 17-year history.

Each year, the Forum is hosted in a different country, highlighting the Host as a premier destination for FDI and business.

In 2020 The World Forum for FDI is going to Vancouver, BC, Canada. The British Columbia Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness will host the event from 15-17 June, 2020. The 17th annual Forum will attract hundreds of top global corporate executives, site consultants, international promotion agencies, economic development corporations, and government officials. 

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